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Hello Everyone! This is Austin from leasing and sales! I figured I'd pass along some of my brain to you so you can find the perfect spot. Don't we all deserve a cute place that is loved and maintained? One that doesn't break the bank? Here are a few tips I put together for you to help you find your favorite spot. Remember, your apartment is your home. 

  1. A good owner / property manager. We're biased but we really think this matters. Just having someone you can count on for repairs, trust, and talk to from time to time is hard to find but so so crucial.
  2. Neighbors/Neighborhoods. Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors. This isn't always true but finding an environment that works for you is important. If you want peace of mind and quiet time when you come home, perhaps renting next to a loud bar or car wash isn't ideal. If you like to bike to work and walk everywhere, think about our walkable corridors that have so much to offer such as Downtown / Allentown / Niagara St / Elmwood / Hertel. And it shouldn't have to be said but we will say it: be a good neighbor back! When you move into a place, walk around and say hello. Let everyone know who you are and collect phone numbers and what their favorite dish / wine is ... you never know when you'll need a hand. 
  3. Furry Friends. Do you have pets? This makes your search even harder. Lots of home owners don't accept pets. Make sure you have references ready to go - home owners want to make sure your pets aren't going to damage the place... a reference can go a long way. If you plan on getting one, don't get one and call your landlord or owner later and ask for forgiveness. Ask ahead of time. If you have one, be honest with them about what it is and what your needs are. It will help in the long run. 
  4. Utilities: What is included? What's not? We have long winters here - if you're paying the heat, what has been done to lower the bills and increase your comfort? This is serious stuff! Do you have insulation in the walls? Insulation in the attic? LED Lighting? Remember - you're paying for that bill. TIP: You can call your service providers and get a past usage print out. This will help you budget for your utilities! Want some tips to increasing energy efficiency in your home? Check out this article by Energy Star. 
  5. Transit & Parking. Everyone wants to walk to things these days. Want to know just HOW walkable the neighborhood you want to rent is? Check this out! As urbanists, we wish everyone biked and walked and bused. (It is so fun and good for you, we promise!) But if you're a two car household, is there parking on street for you? Will it be a challenge to find it late at night when you come home from work? Most importantly: KNOW YOURSELF. Is this a deal breaker? Example: Bernice (boss lady) and her husband are a one car household by choice. Her husband buses / bikes to work because he works downtown in an office building! She knew she needed a reliable car so she bought a Subaru because she has on street parking and needs to be present even during snow storms and blizzards. She doesn't have to worry about the snow because of the car she selected and if she does have to worry... well, the likely hood of the entire city sitting at home enjoying a snow day is high. lol.
  6. Storage. Americans collect a lot of stuff! Make sure there are places for your stuff. If you're interested in learning more about minimal living, check this out. 
  7. Natural Light. Doesn't everyone like to whip open the curtains and soak in the morning sun? Kidding, kinda. Light is a huge deal! If there isn't a ton of light, make sure the place is painted with bright colors so it can feel brighter. If you like an apartment but wish it had more light, here are some tips. 

Ones that didn't make the cut but are very important are...

  • Does the kitchen work for you? If you're a foodie, this matters BIG TIME. 
  • Shower Pressure: Check it. 
  • Credit Score: When applying for different apartments be careful of numerous credit checks that may ding your credit score. Legally the rental office has to give you a copy of your credit report which you can use for future applications if needed. 

If you have any thoughts / questions, shoot me an email. Austin@buffalovedevelopment.com

Cheers! - Austin 

Austin is a real estate sales agent and leasing agent for Buffalove Management LLC. She is a West Side lady who loves gardening, working out and making hummus wraps for everyone in the office. 

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