Hand Painted Address Signs Make All The Difference!

When it comes to adding address numbers to an old commercial building, do you go with modern streamline or classic? We struggle with this all the time. We love modern but we love the classic, too! Then we think about it this way: would you rather order address numbers online or from home depot... or have a hand painted sign that supports a local artist and stays for years to come? It isn't even a choice in our eyes... hand painted, please!

Our bud Vinny Alejandro has done several of these for us - we just love his work! Here is a photo of our latest project at 169 Elk. We have teamed up with Sam Savarino in a contractor role to help bring the building back to life. What a whirlwind that has been (more on the later). But for now, the sign is a beauty and we wanted to show off Vinny's work. And for those thinking it costs a small fortune, in doesn't - Vinny is a reasonably priced artist. If we could give him address signs everyday, we would. If you're interested in hiring him, you can reach him here. mcspik1@gmail.com

P.S. NO this isn't an ad or paid in any way. We just love these hand painted address signs! 

169 Elk Hand Painted sign.JPG

Hand Painted by Vinny Alejandro.

Thanks a million, V!