One Room Challenge: Master(ish) Bedroom

There is a lot of focus on the “one room challenge” these days so I figured we’d post photos from one of the simplest yet most impactful room overhauls we’ve done in a long while. We call it the Master(ish) bedroom because to normal master bedroom standards, this is just a room… but in Buffalo, this would be a little oasis and is the master bedroom in the apartment.

Check out the photos… simple, huh? Delicate. Charming. Clean.

One of the first questions we ask when looking at a place to bring back to life is… what is under those carpets?!? You guessed it, beautiful hardwoods ready for a new life. These floors are a southern pine which aren’t anything to write home about but have a beautiful tone to them. A lot more hard and durable than pine floors we’ve seen in other projects, too. Often times a nice light sand / poly to refinish the floors, filling the old nail holes and giving it a delicate white paint job can really do the trick. We installed a new replacement door that was given to us from a friend, a new closet rod and a $30 light fixture. Nothing about this was make over expensive but it took time and love which is the important part.

After photos are from the lovely Heather Sargent, owner of a life & wedding photography business that we are proud to promote. https://www.theblackbirdsphotography.com